Wednesday, 6 May 2015


How did you attract/ address your audience

My audience target audience is 12 and over, however most crime thrillers are rated 18. I have my target audience at 12 as my film will not have any scenes of sexual nature which is allowed in movies 15 and over. Having my target audience at 12 allows me to have a larger per cent of people who would like to see the film.

At 12 I am allowed to use strong language depending on the tone it is used in. My film is not aimed at a specific gender, My film contains a child, who would be relatable to younger viewers, the main protagonist has not been shown in my opening sequence, but the character would be male at around his late teens and early 20s. This would make the male viewers to relate to the character, to see through the characters eyes. As I am using a young male actor, female audience members might be attracted to him and therefore come to see the movie. This would increase the success of the movie.

As the movie is a crime thriller there is action which would catch the attention of male viewers, there is also new technology being used as well as cars. The use of new technology is because the audience will know how to use the equipment. The film contain scenes that are slow and calm but it can qickly change to an action packed scene making hearts pound and making the audiance excited. Action thriller are one of the most popular genre in the industry for my target audiance, this is beacuse there is action and also because the audiance can relate and understand the charecters.

For people to hear about my film I used social networks like facebook, twitter and google+ to destribute the film. Advertising it online means that more people willl be able to see this and might be intrested in watching the film. Usig social network for advertising is good as most poeple are now always on their phones or online where these adverts will apear this was done by first uploading on youtube and creating a link so people can watch it useing other social networks. The use of google plus means that the product can be seen on youtube which have a huge following and is a social network in its own way. I also sent the product to my friends vie google drive so they can view and also keep it on there device to show their friends.

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