Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Evaluation question 3

 What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why?

My film is a crime-thriller, in this type of movie there is usually a lot of action involved. These types of movies have large budgets as it is needed for the special effects. However as this is a first time movie I would not have one of the big conglomerate production companies to help me. For this film I would need have a independent production company like vertigo,  Film 4, and prism studios. Distribution is an extremly important part as this allows there adiance to watch the film when it is possible for them, This can be by uploding the film online on for example itunes and the google playstore. This allows the audiance to watch when it is convinent for them.

For my product I would use new technologies to promote the film, this is because by using social media and places like youtube while there advert is playing they can learn more about the film by clicking on the link, which could have a link to the full film. This makes distributing the film easier as physical copies do not have to be made. If people do by using itunes or google play they can watch the movie whenevre they want and if they use google play it will be added too their youtube acount so it is esier to access. By using facebook and twitter hashtags can be made about the movie and people can talk about that topic.

Having a simultanius lauch everywhere can make the film gain attention, but as not many people would know about the movie it makes more sense to release it in one country at a time so that people in the Uk start talking about it online and this gains attention causing people in other countries to wait for the release as they had been anticipating it becuase it is a popular topic in the online comunity. Also uploading the movie on amazon prime, netflix and lovefilm could mean more people will watch the film as these online retailers have a large amount of the public watching movies on their sites.

For my film to be distributed in this way I will need the aid of a well knows distribution campany for example Lionsgate as they released movies like the Hunger games and Divergent. Lionsgate is a company that was created in 1997 and since then they have been involved in over 200 movies most being thrillers. From the movies they have made, they have grossed nearly $7 billion. The use of Lionsgate can help the film be distributed to many more countries and as they have connections to major production companies, I would also be able to get aid from them.

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