Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Evaluation question 4

Who would be the audiance for your media product ?

My media product is about the kidnapping of a child, who has a lot of knowledge on technology and is able to write software and is able to program with electrical devices such as mobile phones, music players and computers. My movie is similar to Taken which had an age bbfc rating of 15 and had a target audience of 17 and above as the female character is that age. There was also a audience for male audience members from their late 30s to early 40s as the father, the protagonist in the movie would be around that age. As my product does not have as much violance, blood or any scenes of sexual nature I believe my product can be a 12 rated film.

However in my film the protagonist is in his late teens and early 20s. This would attract males of this age range. I have done this because teenagers talk about movies they have seen, the target audience is usually the 19 year old male as he will spread awareness to his friends and the news of the movie will spread from that by word of mouth. I also have young male character which the audience might find cute and therefore have empathy toward him when he gets kidnapped. For these reasons I have a target audience from 12 to 34. This is because there are more 25 - 34 year old people that make a large amount of the film going audience. This is partially to do with the amount of time that they have as many 35+ people would have work and bellow 17 teens would have school as well as exams.

I am not targeting any specific gender as research shows that both genders watch crime thrillers as the male viewers are attracted by the content of the film and the female viewers are attracted by the male actors. However as I have more male characters in the film it would attract larger male audience as they would be able to connect with the characters. As my film could be rated 12 this increase the number of people that can watch the movie, whhich in turn increses the proffit. Action thrillers have had a huge impact on the industry from movies like taken and also skyfall, however because of the nutyre of these movies ther audiance was limited which is why i think that there is place in tyhe industry for films like mine which can cater to audiance members under 15 and may even be suitable for people under this age as children can learn from my movie from my movie that they should be carefull to who they talk to both online and in reality.

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