Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Evaluation question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups ?

My film has male characters, there are three groups of people in my opening sequence. I have people of aged 26-35, 18-25 and also chilldren aged 6-10. We do not know much about the two kidnappers. One is dressed in a suit while the other in casual clothing. This difference in clothing show that there is a differance in age and authority between the charecters.

We do not know much about the second kidnapper, his face has been hidden in the extract untill the very end, therefore we can not see his characteristics. Im the media people of ages 18-25 are show to be criminals, " thugs", which in my opening I have incoperated, they are usually potrayed to be in gangs wear hoodies and create trouble which again in my extract I have kept to this stereotype as it is what society is used to, this choice could upset most people of this age group as the stereotype is not correct, most people of this age are not in gangs, always wear hoodies or cause problems. This charecter therfore does not represent people of his soical group as not everyone is a kidnapper.

The person in a suit looks like he is coming from work, he looks like he is aged 26-35. People of this social group does not usually have as much negative representaions in the media. They are shown to be hard working and does not have much spare time. This is true as most people of his age have got a lot of work to do for their job and this means they have little time to spend doing what they want, however in my opening it seems that this man is not very hard working as he has left during the middle of the day and this means he has time to do what he wants. Again this charecter  does not potray people in this social group as not many people ar ekidnappes.

Children are shown to be inoccent and very vulnerable in the media today, this is because of kidnappings that are taking place, children can not just playoutside, ride their bikes like they could have in previous generations. This forces them to stay indoors more, which is shown by the  charecter on his laptop. The vulnerableility is shown as he is being kidnapped and there is nothing he can do. This potrayes what goes on in real life when children are on their own, things like this can happen in our sociaty.

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