Wednesday, 7 January 2015

silence of the lambs

Bird flapping in the background this usually means there is someone around as birds don't make that much noise if someone has not approached them.
she is sprinting, at some points she seems to sped up which means she could be running away from something. there are close ups of her face and then cuts to her feet as she is running.

Strong character, the first clue is when she is looking around and her jumper has the FBI logo on it.
while going into the building we can see that it is a male dominated area. With the men cleaning their guns.
hurt agony pain love it

When she gets on the elevator we can see that she is in a male dominated place, but when she gets of the elevator she is the only person in their which suggest that she has more authority than all the men that where in the elevator.

High angle shot used to show her surprise at the board with the killing and of people being found having been skinned.

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