Thursday, 22 January 2015

opening sequences

The tracking in the two shots are well placed as there men while being tracked by the camera walks out of the shot

The extreme close up of the Sd-card
being put into the laptop.The focus
was on the Sd-card.

There is a closeup shot of the character looking down and then it cuts to a close up of the object that is being handed to him.


One of the first shots show that the there are tree captives, this instantly raises questions about who they are or if they are just disposable characters.

The audience finds out that the main villain has is one of the people that has been captured and that it was in his plan to be captured, this makes the audience think what about what is going to happen, what is his plan. This scene has close up shots a sense of depth when the

Doesn't show the face of the antagonist or who ever he is until the very end, the rest of the time his faces in the dark like it is a silhouette
so there is a sense enigma.

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