Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bourne Ultimatum

From the start of the movie the audience can see that the camera is handheld as the shots are shaky, the movements of the camera tell us that scene contains a lot of action. Bourne is Being chased by the police. This creates enigma as the audience are left wondering why he is being chased. The low lighting condition of the shots help to create suspense, as well as the slight blue tint on the shots which gives the effect that the setting is cold as it is in Russia.

As Bourne gets in to the train where it should be safe the lighting is even lower. There are mid-shots used as well as close ups to show his reactions and POV shots. The horn on the train is used to create suspense as each time it horns there is a sense that something is going to happen. The atmosphere of this scene is helped by the editing as the shots do not flow, but the quick cross cutting used gives the impression that there is some sort of danger and the seriousness of the scene. This also creates suspense as the audience knows something is going to happen but do not know when. The non-diagetic music is fast paced which creates tension as the violins are played in that way, the drums are chaotic which helps the scene is an action scene. 

As he is running from the police he should not be in the same place for too long so many shots of him jumping of the train are used, the quick cut show the urgency of the escape as well as the importance of him being of the train. As he escapes there is cross cutting used to show that more police are on their way.Through out the scene there has been no dialogue, so no information has been given to the audience about why the police are after him. Bourne runs into a building, and immediately starts to go through medication and some bottles are dropped show that he is in a rush, This also show by the use of a handheld camera as the image is again shaky. The audience then is given a shot where they see that Bourne is bleeding, Therefore the man on the run movie starts by showing that the protagonist is in danger and that he might be caught. The close up of Bournes face and his breathing tells the audience that he is no longer in any danger as the non diagetic music is lowered and the shots become steady.

As he is by a sink he started to remember a situation he was in, the two scenes over lap as Bourne was washing his face in the flashback. This give the audience information about the character helping them to empathize with him. During the flashbacks the images seem distorted telling us that Bourne does not know what is going on. During the flash backs the door to the building is opened by two police officers. This creates tension as Bourne does not know this and he could be caught and the non diagetic music is used to make the audience worry about Bourne.

The flashbacks stop when the police officer touches Bourne on the shoulder. The audience expects that he has now been caught, this is challenged as bourne knocks him out and is now in possession of a gun. The audience are on edge as we do not know if he will shot the second officer. When he doesnt and says " my argument is not with you", the audience are left wondering who is argument is.

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