Thursday, 11 December 2014

Conventions of thriller

Thriller conventions:

  • the protagonists go through obstacles, this builds up tension and empathy levels.
  • there is narrative development, the protagonist becomes ensnared (trapped).
  • The protagonist will be in danger during the movie
  • there are optical illusions involving mirrors
  • Themes in a thriller a can include amnesia, mistaken identity, trying to escape, proof that the main character is innocent.
  • There are ordinary situation where extraordinary event occur. 
  • Low key lighting 
  • Quick cuts 
  •  Shadows 
  •  Tension music 
  •  Changes in the angle of shots 
  •  Diegetic sound of breathing 
  •  Black and white shots 
  •  Montage of shots 
  •  Protagonist is in the mercy of the Antagonist
The Purpose of a opening sequence:

The purpose of an opening sequence is to give the audience information about the movie, the opening sequence can include the cast members, the producers, directors and also the companies that where involved in the making and distributing of the film. The opening also tells the audience member what to expect from the movie, what the genre of the movie is, what the plot could be, what might happen or what is themes are in the movie.

The soundtrack during the opening also tells the audience what to expect, sometimes the opening shows the audience a part of the film and allows the audience to ask questions so they are intrigued and would make them want to watch on. This is done by reviling an important enigma at the beginning  and is resolved at the very end of the movie.This creates tension and suspense which are major themes in thriller. 

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