Thursday, 30 April 2015

Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at you preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product ?

In the preliminary task, when planning the shot list, we used 8-12 shots, while in my final product, I used 19 shots.While filming I added shots to the list, which improved the final product and it also gave me more options to give me more options incase there where any issues with the shots I had planned.

The preliminary task had sound that I had borrowed from Youtube, which was one layer of the sound. For one of the shots with the door opening I extended the audio of the creaking door to make the scene feel more frightening. For my final product I recorded the sounds myself by using a microphone on my guitar and experimenting with other instruments to see what worked to give an ominous feeling to the audience. I added small sound effects at random times to intrigue the audience. For the sound aspect of the film I have learnt how to record music. I have done my own research on microphones, what type of microphone is needed to record acoustic instruments, to record voices and where microphones sound be places in respect of where the object you are recording is. I also learnt that adding layers of other sounds can enhance the listening experience and give the effect that is can be used to enhance what is on the screen. At first I had one layer of guitar, but after going through the edit I realised that more layers of sound was need so I added a keyboard layer and a different guitar part at the end of the opening.

I used a Nikon D3100 as the main camera in my filming. I learnt that white balancing before you start recording can help a lot with the editing process.This is because when I put the shots on to my time line all the shots looked very yellow. Also, while filming you should try to keep the amount of light coming in to the camera the same otherwise it could take the camera a while to focus and to change the exposure level. I also learnt that when filming you should shoot the same shot more than once so if there was a mistake you didn't see the other shots could fix this and this would help not needing to reshoot on a different day.

For my preliminary task I used livetype which is a simple program I used to create the credits. For my final product I learnt how to use Adobe After Effects. On this program I had access to more options for my credits such as when the animation started and to add a light source to give a good effect for my title.

In my editing in the preliminary task I had used a fade which I think was needed and the action that accrued in 8 cuts. while in my final product there were many more cuts.

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