Thursday, 26 February 2015

Props and costumes and location


In my opening scene for the thriller there is a small child. He will be wearing something normal and is expected to be worn by a small child, Jeans and T-shirt. The first character we will encounter will be wearing a black suit, this will show he is important and professional.
The second male character will be wearing jeans, T-shirt and hoodie to cover his face. The hair style of the male character in the suit will be neat and professional with his appearance. The little boy will have a clean hair style that suits the clothes he is wearing, the hair style could be a little messy.
The second character will have a hood over his head so we don't see his face.


For the scene I will need a car for the opening shot. This will most likely be a BMW. The kid will be on a laptop so i will need to have a laptop, and headphones and books on the desk that a child of his age would be reading as well as school books. for the opening i will have a scene showing how the second character got into the house, i will need a broken door.                                            


I will be using my own house as it is convenient for filming and i have planed the movie to rotate around this setting, However i could also use the house of a friend that is slight larger for more space to film in and better for lighting.


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